Wanda Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Ladies In Need Can Survive, Inc. (LINCS), a 501 (c) non-profit transitional home that transitions troubled women back into society.


Taylor is passionate about helping women to understand their value and purpose in life. She motivates and inspires women to achieve their goals and to be the very best they can be.


Taylor knows first-hand what domestic violence, substance abuse, incarceration and homelessness can do to a person’s health, family, and career. She had been there before – playing the victim, a reprised role that she knows all too well. 


Taylor is a native Memphian,.She grew up in a single parent home with a mother who was physically and verbally abused along with other female members in the family. Powerless to do anything, she watched in horror the acts of violence and abhorred the perpetrators. Soon, she would succumb herself to the ugly reality of domestic violence.


A fatherless child, Taylor longed to be loved by the man responsible for ushering her into the world. That didn’t happen, because her father battled a drug addiction most of her life. Love was fleeting, which sent her into the arms of men purporting to love her. Drug addiction would soon follow, but life, as she knew it, would spiral out of control.


Taylor lived in two housing projects and was raised around gangsters, pimps, drug dealers, prostitutes, addicts and alcoholics. She would be using drugs, drinking, and having sex at the age of eleven; become a victim of abuse at the age of thirteen; become a teen mother at the age of fifteen; drop out of high school at the age seventeen and become a substance abuser; and would be in-and-out of the court system at the age of eighteen. She also found herself homeless.


In 1995, Taylor experienced a spiritual awakening that changed her life. She accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. Then she moved forward on a journey to improve her life and well-being.


At 28, Wanda received her high school diploma from Messick Adult High Center. She has a Technical Certificate in Substance Abuse Counseling and an Associate of Science degree in Human Services, both from Southwest Tennessee Community College. Then she matriculated at the University of Phoenix and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management.


In 2004, she took her life story public and self-published “A Woman of God – An Inspirational Book for Women.” It was her way of encouraging other women to forgive themselves and their perpetrators and let go the excruciating pain. She also is a motivational and inspirational speaker and a community ambassador.


Much to her surprise, Taylor was nominated to receive the 2005 Director’s Award “For Outstanding Literary Contributions to The Memphis Community” from Southwest Tennessee Community College. She finally made the gargantuan leap to respectability and persona grata.


Taylor is the recipient of several honors and awards: The 2014 Black Girl You Rock Award from Faith International Ministry and the 2015 Women of Excellence Award from The New Tri-State Defender. She also received the 2015 Lydia and the Esther Award from National Coalition of Women in Ministry and the 2015 3V (Visual, Vocal, and Valuable) Leadership Award from Rangleline CDC.


Taylor’s work history is indicative of her love for people, whom she helps as much as she can. She has over twenty years experience as a childcare educator working with children of all ages, disabilities, and nationalities. Some of the agencies she has worked for included the Salvation Army, Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center, Shelby County Child Support Office, Department of Human Services, and Serenity Recovery Center.


Because of her love, faith, hope, strength, and triumph over her former lifestyle, she has volunteered her time by sharing her life story at various organizations such as Project for the Homeless Connect, Saint Peter Home-children, CAAP’S (Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program, Inc.), Juvenile Court-detention center, Youth Villages, and Mark H. Luttrell Correctional Center (Women’s Prison).


Taylor has two outstanding daughters and four beautiful grandchildren who live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.