October 26, 2016  



    Ladies In Need Can Survive, Inc. (LINCS) is a non-profit organization supporting single women whose live have been negatively impacted by drugs and alcohol. LINCS, a one year sober living home, serves as a safety net and a homey environment   that   allows women to focus while working on their core issues.

    The home is fully furnished; it has four bedrooms, one restroom, a living room, a kitchen, a spacious den, a laundry area equipped with a washer and dryer, and a fenced-in backyard. The facility is monitored 24 hours a day with video recorded surveillance cameras and on-duty support staff.

    The home is located in a quiet residential area in the Frayser community of Memphis, TN. The home also is located on the MATA bus line. Amenities in the surrounding area include department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, Tennessee Southwest Community College, Ed Rice Community Center, Raleigh Springs Mall, and a public library.     

    The mission of LINCS is to make a difference, change lives, build stronger families, and give women countless reasons to keep living. By breaking this cycle of domestic violence, substance abuse, and homelessness through a structured, intensive training program, the women at LINCS will be strengthened and empowered to succeed.

    Our vision is to guarantee women a successful transition from crisis to rehabilitation. 

    The purpose of LINCS, Inc. is to remove all excuses an individual may have about recovery through wraparound services, clinical and spiritual methods in order to allow each individual an opportunity to embrace complete change. The LINCS Sober Living Transitional Home is designed to break the vicious cycle of domestic violence, substance abuse, and homelessness. Our goal is to achieve a steady success rate by reducing the high statistics of today’s alcohol and drug fatalities.

*We value the health and wellness of women with addictions and mental health.

*We make a difference through our programs and services. 

*We respect the women we serve.

*We make a commitment to our women and to our community

*We believe recovery can happen for every woman that walks through LINCS' doors.